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N8 Tactical’s 3 Hottest Concealed-Carry Holsters



N8 Tactical may be a newcomer to the self-defense scene, but they’ve clearly got a feel for what the discriminating armed citizen needs in his or her concealed-carry holster rig. Today, we’ve learned that N8 Tactical is offering updated versions of their OT2 mid-size holster, OT2 Micro holster, and IWB magazine carrier. Each is designed to address your concealed-carry needs regardless of the size of your handgun, the accessories you’ve chosen for it, or the temperature!

With all of the focus on itty-bitty, teeny-weeny .380-caliber concealed-carry guns, some holster makers seem to have forgotten that some of us still carry larger pistols. N8 Tactical’s concealed carry holsters lineup offers more choices,particularly the OT2. The OT2 is designed to accommodate mid- and full-size handguns–even if yours is adorned with lights and lasers. The OT2 comes with a soft suede backing and a moisture-proof neoprene core for comfort on bare skin or when worn over thin shirts; the neoprene core prevents moisture buildup in warm carry conditions. The updated clip design and location even allows you to (gasp) tuck in your shirt.

Built for comfortable all-day IWB carry, the OT2 Micro features a dense, stretchable herringbone pocket with an integrated waistband clip that can be rotated for custom positioning of the pistol. The N8 Tactical concealed-carry OT2 Micro pocket concealed-carry holster is secured by a rugged leather backer for rigidity, and to comfortably distribute pressure. Sandwiched between the leather backer and soft suede body lining is a neoprene foam core that reduces moisture buildup.

We’ve covered larger guns, lights, and lasers…what about extra ammo? The FLEX IWB Mag Carrier combines function and comfort in a compact, easy-to-conceal platform. The unique features include a comfort backer, strong polymer clip, and the ability to secure different magazines — from single-stack 1911s to double-stack compact handguns. This magazine carrier confidently changes with every concealed carry setup. Built on a durable leather form, the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier comes with a three-layered, patented backer that provides full coverage of the carrier to maximize comfort and to eliminate pressure points. Designed to accommodate multiple magazine sizes and styles, the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier keeps pace with your change in carry gun choices. Whether you have a Glock 17 and decide to switch to an XDM or want to switch from a Sig P365 to your Springfield Armory Hellcat, the FLEX IWB Mag Carrier has you covered. No more drawers full of mag carriers.

To top it all off, N8 Tactical is now offering two additional color options are now available for most popular N8 Tactical models. Consumers have the choice between Desert Sand (a medium tan colored leather), or Desert Moss (a medium green colored leather). Both color options have a matte finish, black stitching, and a black clip for a sleek, two-tone appearance.

All N8 Tactical products comes with a Two-Week, Try it Free Guarantee and a lifetime warranty. To learn about the new color options and the full line of N8 Tactical holsters, visit


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