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Make Freedom Ring Again! 2021’s Lowest Ammo Prices



                                                                It goes “pow,” and that’s the point.

The range is calling you…with TulAmmo, you can answer that call today!

The COVID vaccination is putting an end to the global pandemic, and as of right now, Two Birds Outdoors is putting an end to the American ammunition shortage. What’s more, starting today and continuing while supplies last, Two Birds Outdoors is offering TulAmmo at prices you won’t find anywhere else. The range is calling you, and with TulAmmo, you can answer that call right now.

Two Birds Outdoors–TulAmmo’s exclusive American distributor–has inventory available on 9 mm at .50/round; 7.62X36 is .39/round; and .223 Rem. is .58/round! TulAmmo steel-cased ammunition is a great way to get back to the range to start refreshing those perishable shooting skills. In fact, you might just want to go ahead and tote your TulAmmo in the free ammo can that you’ll get if you order 350 rounds of 9 mm. (And, for the first time since last March, those 350 rounds of 9 mm won’t be more than your car payment!)

It’s been a long pandemic, and your gun misses you. With TulAmmo and Two Birds Outdoors, you can start getting “back to normal” right now. Click here to take advantage of this amazing offer–you won’t find it anywhere else!