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Idiots With Guns: 3 Best Instant-Karma Videos



Instant karma comes in many forms, but none faster than the ones with idiots with guns.

They say that God loves fools and drunks above all else–because He made so many of them, and they walk away from their foolishness unharmed way too often for chance. That might be true most of the time, but not when the fools (or drunks) in question are practicing bad gun handling. Whether you prefer to call it an accidental discharge or a negligent discharge, these three videos exemplify the phrase “instant karma.”

1. I am the only one in this room professional enough…

Ever heard of “Glock leg”? It’s what happens when someone who thinks he knows more than anyone else about semi-automatic striker-fired pistols that do not feature manual safeties tries to reholster his piece with his finger still on the trigger. It’s actually not a problem specific to Glocks; it’s just that Glocks are a very popular choice for law-enforcement agencies. You’d be shocked at how infrequently many law-enforcement agencies ask their officers to work on their marksmanship or gun handling. Or maybe you wouldn’t…especially after watching this video.

2. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Accidental Discharge! Accidental Discharge who?

Accidental Discharge who? BANG! OW! OW! RUN!

This video is hilarious in that the instant karma offered by bad gun handling is fully on display. This video is terrifying in that it depicts what seems to be a new trend in criminality: Breaking in when the resident is at home. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, more people are working from home than ever before. Usually, criminals in America prefer to break in when the home is empty…but since so few homes are empty these days, the burglars are turning to armed home invasion.

3. Smack Me!

One of the best laughs of 2020 came in the form of a viral video starring two men, a highly inflammatory racial word, and a can of alcoholic tea. In that video, we learned a few things: One, that if you invite someone to “smack you,” that they might very well do so; and two, that the second-most-impressive weapon in existence is a 20-oz. can of hard tea. We here at GGD noticed something important about that video, and that is that many Americans cannot defend themselves (or provide a “smack” as requested) due to their local OC–that’s “Open Container,” of course–laws.

Trace, you liar, there’s no gun in that video.

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