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I.C.E. Training Introduces INTUITIVE DEFENSIVE SHOOTING™ As Natural Evolution Of Core COMBAT FOCUS™ Program



In a major shift for I.C.E. Training Company’s hugely popular Combat Focus™ Shooting Program, I.C.E. owner Rob Pincus announced last Friday that he’s introducing a newly named program called Intuitive Defensive Shooting™.

Given that CFS has been the “core program of the I.C.E. Training Company” for 15 years, this decision took several years to come to fruition.

Says Pincus –

This was not something that was done lightly, as many people have come to trust the “CFS Program”…. And many people have been advocates for it, often in the face of significant skepticism, for many years. I do not walk away from those efforts to build the “CFS Brand” easily… nor do I belittle the value of the tens of thousands of stickers,  coins, t-shirts, logo impressions, links, mentions and even the few tattoos that are already out there in the world promoting the old program name all around the world.

So, why is I.C.E. making this monumental shift now? Pincus says that for the first several years of the CFS program, the name presented significant challenges to the success of their brand –

as early as 2010, I was saying publicly that, if I could do it all again, I would’ve most likely chosen something like “Dynamic Focus” or “Defensive Focus” as the program title. In fact, for many years I.C.E. Training Company has used those names for a variety of projects. Perhaps most notably, “Dynamic Focus” was used as the program title very successfully at the Gander Mountain Academy locations for years. The “Defensive Focus” title was used extensively in both the private and public sector at locations and with law enforcement agencies that  were sensitive to the word “combat” being too aggressive.

Ultimately, the consideration for the name change was taken as seriously as Pincus delivers his unique and effective trainings –

I consider defensive shooting instruction to be an incredibly serious and important undertaking, It is literally life & death material. I consider program and curriculum development to be most important role, follow closely by Instructor Development. After that, the actual educating of and advocating for our students is how I actually spend most of my time. At some point, I have to also be a business owner and part of owning a business is growing that business to be as successful as possible. I truly believe that switching officially to “Intuitive Defensive Shooting” is the best way to achieve that goal and achieve the best results in regard to the aforementioned primary responsibilities.

If you’re looking to take a defensive shooting course yourself, the programs provided by I.C.E. Training and Rob Pincus are as good as they come. And you can rest assured that –

The program and the courses aren’t changing in any way because of the name change.

Keep your eye on the I.C.E. Training website and Rob’s Facebook Page for more updates about this new brand, including an upcoming website, logo and two new books out later this year.


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