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Hot Take: Viridian V-Series Long-Range Illuminators



This is a situation in which I don’t mind going green (as long as I can also go red, white, infrared…)

It may be the case that Viridian Weapon Technologies began by offering green laser solutions for daytime shooting, but now they’re expanding into the night with their new tactical-grade V Series Long-Range Illuminators. Suitable for hunters and armed defenders alike, the line includes the V210 and V310, both of which are purpose-built to allow you to paint a distant target with green, red, white or infrared light. The main difference between the two models is the zoom function: The V210 has a manual zoom, while the V310 offers a powerful and quiet motorized zoom. Both will begin shipping to retailers in a few weeks, but you don’t have to wait if you don’t want to; they’re both available for sale online right now.

Here’s what sets the V Series Long-Range Illuminators apart from your average weapon light. They use high-intensity, next-generation LED technology to throw a brilliant, tactical-grade light beam far downrange. Because the V series uses pure LED-generated color, it’s up to 70 percent more effective than white beams. The collimated light delivers sharp, smooth spot with no rings, blurs, or halos, and a clear light picture out to 200 yards (V210) or 300 yards (V310). With extended runtime from six to 40 hours, waterproof and impact-resistant construction and three light modes, the new V Series Long-Range Illuminators are designed to take on any nighttime expedition.

“We’re excited to give customers this new series of long-range illuminators for the hunting season and beyond,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “Both models are designed to increase visibility in darkness with 1,000 lumens of brilliant LED light in green, red, white, or infrared options. Perhaps the most significant feature is on the V310 model. It comes fully equipped with an exclusive Power Zoom adjustment with whisper-quiet internal motor to zoom your light exactly where you want it—providing a clear light picture out to 300 yards.”

The V Series product line retails for $179 (V210) and $229 (V310). More information on the new V Series product line can be found at