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Gun-Tool-Ception: Real Avid AMP is a Tool Within a Tool



Bless me, Saint John Moses Browning, for I am greedy.

I was born and raised in the Church of the Multi-Tool, and today I’ve found a new holy relic for my religion: the Real Avid Gun Tool AMP. Oh, sure, there are other gun tools out there (and Real Avid makes a lot of them), but this one is different. This is a gun tool that is its own holster, and the holster is also a gun tool. It’s gun-tool-ception, and I am here for it.

Here’s what I’m talking about: The Gun Tool AMP ‘s signature dual-function carry holster holds a bit set and a folding frame multi-tool, which can then transform into a sturdy, magnetic bit driver. This means you don’t need a sheath, so you’ve got extra functionality and safety without adding bulk.

There are actually three different platform-specific AMP models; one is for AR-15s, one for regular semi-autos, and one for 1911s.  The tool frame is designed and built for hard use and each version is loaded with liner-locking tools specific to the three-gun platforms they serve. Thanks to some out-of-the-holster thinking, AMP redefines what a carry tool for gun owners can be.

“Like all gun tools from Real Avid,” said Real Avid President Dave Steiner, “Gun Tool AMP is specialized. There are three versions of Gun Tool AMP – 1911, Pistol, and AR15. We understand these platforms really well and know that millions of gun owners rely on these guns for protection and sport.”

The AR-15 Gun Tool AMP offers features like specialized carbon scrapers for every bolt carrier group surface, a full array of common AR-15-specific bits and implements, and a fold-out locking bit driver to make on-the-fly adjustments and fixes a snap.

For pistols, Gun Tool AMP-Pistol is like a support vehicle for your EDC and range handguns. It is loaded with pistol maintenance tools, plus some extras you’ll appreciate when the time is right. Easily store and deploy from the belt, MOLLE strap, or range bag, the Gun Tool AMP-Pistol keeps the tools you need conveniently close at hand.

Specialized for the 1911 platform, Gun Tool AMP-1911 packs in-the-field capability into an efficient and intelligent frame system. The tool includes both Government and Officer barrel bushing wrenches, a full array of 1911-related bits and implements, plus a fold-out driver. Punches, picks, scrapers, wrenches, and innovative hex key storage come in a compact kit that can go anywhere you do.

Want more? Visit Real Avid’s site here.





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