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Fueled By Ed Brown: Driving For Pinks



Ed Brown knows that carrying a firearm is like driving for pinks: The winner takes all, and there’s no room for error. That’s why Fueled By Ed Brown guns are first taken from the Smith & Wesson factory, then redesigned and re-imagined to maximize performance. It’s like switching from a four-cylinder to a hemi!

Ed Brown chose the M&P platform because, in its original form, it’s already fantastic. It can only get better when they begin to fine-tune it with our custom-made top-quality parts. All Fueled by Ed Brown handgun components are manufactured in-house under the Brown family’s close supervision. Here’s the upgraded performance you can expect.

The process for Fueling a pistol requires that they replace around 30—yes, thirty—separate components. The complete top end—including slide, barrel, frame pins, extractor and sights—is reassembled using parts that the company machines itself out of top-quality steel in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. It’s certainly true that they’re replacing 30 parts, but when they Fuel a gun, what they’re really doing is installing unmatched accuracy and reliability.

What’s more, no M&P is Fueled until we have fit together the slide, frame and barrel utilizing their famous Accuracy Rail, which gives both the slide and the barrel perfectly machined mating surfaces to achieve an exceptional fit. Ed Brown’s expert craftsmen painstakingly assemble the Accuracy Rail block to substantially improve barrel lockup and accuracy, and greatly reduce the slide-to-frame rattle common in factory pistols.

Ed Brown also installs a custom-machined magwell and basepads to allow for faster reloads … even higher capacity, if you so choose. They install a clean, crisp, custom trigger that you simply must squeeze to believe. Each one of these components ensures that your Fueled By Ed Brown Smith & Wesson M&P is ready to drive for pinks—and you’re ready to cross the line a winner. Want to take a Fueled By Ed Brown Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 out for a test drive? Learn more and find a dealer here.



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