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First Hunt Tips: 7 Ways To Prepare Kids



There comes a point in time when every child believes that they are ready to hunt and follow daddy or mommy’s footsteps. However just because they think they are ready, does not mean they are ready! Every hunter out there understands the dangerous nature of this hobby and how things can get ugly within a blink of an eye. Even the most experienced hunters out there make mistakes that cost them dearly; this is exactly why children should never be allowed to hunt until they are ready.

Hunting by virtue is considered to be one the most dangerous pass time hobbies in the world today. Anything can go wrong at anytime and the only thing an individual has is their skill set, without which hunting is not only dangerous but impossible. It takes years of hard work and dedication to develop a skill set and effectively utilize all of the tools that are required for hunting.

It is imperative that every individual first ensures that their kids are well versed in the world of hunting before taking them out in the wild. To help every parent effectively train their kids, we have articulated a list of seven different ways you can prepare your children for the wild.

Take Them On Your Hunting Trips

Experience is the best teacher and when it comes to hunting this statement speaks volumes. One of the most effective ways to train your children is by taking them to your hunting trips only so that they can watch what unfolds. Before you take your child on the trip for the first time, please sit them down and educate them about what they are about to experience.

Hunting is not for everyone and you should never force your child to partake in this hobby unless they share your passion. You should tell your child every detail before hand; this includes the location, how you search for your target, how you approach your target, which weapons you are using and different security protocols.

Your child should know how to stay out of danger before you even take them hunting as this will ensure that they are ready for any situation. Once you are out in the wild, ask them to quietly observe how you hunt and point out different tips that will help them analyze the situation better. Consider taking them at least 10-15 times before even planning on letting them hunt!

Invest In Hunting Training

Hunting training has become a norm these days as these institutes are renowned for training children to perfection. This training includes shooting practice, gun safety awareness, hunting ethics and array of different aspects. There are hunting training institutes in almost every state now, so rest assured you can easily find one in your locality.

Involve Your Child In Planning And Preparation

If you really want to excite your child and make sure they are prepared from every aspect, then consider involving them in preparing and planning for your hunt. This means that you should sit them down and take their opinion on how you should approach the hunt and what equipment they think is required. By involving your child in planning and preparation, you will ignite their passion for hunting and make them want to perform at their best.

Offer Plenty Of Shooting Practice

Even if you send your children to hunting training, we would still recommend that you take them to a shooting range to test out their skills. You should never hand your children a weapon until they understand everything about it! So take them down the range as much as you can and only consider a hunting trip until they meet your expectations.

Coach the Shot

This is another age old secret of hunting, the best way to teach anyone how to shoot is through step by step guidance. Take your child out to the wild and practice shoot at different objects to help them get a feel of the wild. Shooting rangers are very different from the wild, this is why it is imperative that you child practices in those conditions as well.

Make the Hunt All About Them

Another profound way to make sure your children are prepared for hunting is by making the hunt all about them. You should make them believe that the only reason you are going hunting is because of them as this will make them take matters far more seriously. Take their opinion each step of the way and tell them why they have to make this perfect.

Educate Them About Hunting Ethics

Last but certainly but not the least, you should teach your children hunting ethics and the laws that govern your state. They should understand what is legal and what can land them in trouble! Also enlighten them about the real beauty of hunting!


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