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Dry-Fire Practice is So Yesterday: Try LaserPet II & SureStrike Today



This looks like a lot more fun than “click, click, click” at a spot on the wall all day…

All Dry-Fire and No LaserAmmo Makes Jack a Dull Boy. All Dry-Fire and No LaserAmmo Makes Jack a Dull Boy.

The engineers behind LaserAmmo know that shooting is a perishable skill, that we should all be going to the range regularly, and that if we don’t we should at least be dry-firing to keep our marksmanship skills sharp. The engineers behind LaserAmmo also know that dry-fire practice is about as fascinating as watching paint dry (and that you can actually “enjoy” both activities at the same time). That’s why the engineers behind LaserAmmo created LaserAmmo–to make your dry-fire practice fun and effective.

How does it all work? In this video by Tactical Outdoorsman’s reviewer Chris, you’ll learn how to set up your LaserAmmo LaserPet II and SureStrike so you can safely dry-fire all day and sharpen your marksmanship without turning into a very dull boy indeed…click below to watch!

Naturally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that right now, you can win a LaserPet II and SureStrike as part of both the “Bug In” and “Bug Out” package in our Bug In or Bug Out $5.5K Guns & Gear Giveaway! The giveaway runs through July 12, and you can enter it by clicking here. Here’s wishing you the best of luck from all of us at Guns & Gadgets Daily!

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