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Biden Says NYET To Russian Ammo (Never Mind the Shortage)



In today’s “paper-thin excuse to make life hard for gun owners” news …

The Biden administration just announced that it intends to ban imported Russian ammunition and firearms on Friday. If you’re not familiar with how the news cycle works, here’s a tip: The information that they want buried goes out on Friday night. The idea is that only a few people really watch the news over the weekend, so by Monday it will have been largely forgotten. But here at Guns & Gadgets Daily, we want to make sure that Friday afternoon news is still there on Monday morning. (You’re welcome, Joe!)

What is the paper-thin excuse?

According to the Biden Administration, the upcoming ban on imported Russian guns and ammunition is a reprisal for the poisoning of a Russian dissident back in August 2020. We’re not saying that it’s okay for Russia to go around poisoning dissidents, but we do have a sneaking suspicion that other countries that regularly engage in political assassination will not be subject to any such sanctions.

Here’s what we know:

The ban goes into effect on September 7 of this year, in just about three weeks. Once that happens, the businesses that import Russian ammunition will only be able to sell the stock they have now, and won’t be able to bring in any more. Essentially, what this ruling means is that inexpensive steel-cased ammunition from the Eastern Bloc will be a thing of the past very soon. The ban only lasts 12 months, but experts agree that it is extremely unlikely that it will be lifted.

For the record:

Never would we suggest that it is all right for a country’s leaders to assassinate dissidents. That’s not how we do things in America, and as a nation we have every right to point to another nation and tell them that we won’t do business with them until they clean up their act. However, it’s very suspicious that the first (and thus far only) target of the Biden administration reprisals is on goods that are currently in short supply here in America: affordable guns and ammunition. It’s just one more piece of evidence that no matter who or what is at fault, the Biden administration will be certain to offload the responsibility on gun owners.

Last, but not least:

Although this situation is moving quickly and orders are piling up, our friends at Two Birds Outdoors are telling us that they were able to get in a very large stock of Tulammo before this decision came down. It’s going fast, but the prices are still low. You can get yours here.




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