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AXIL GS Extreme Earbuds: Best in Class & 65% Off Retail



The #pewpew life is better when you can hear it.

Because none of us wants to sacrifice his hearing for the sport we love…

Those of us who live the #PewPewLife all know that someday we may wind up with #HearingAids. It’s simply a fact that all unsuppressed gunfire (even .22-caliber) is loud enough to cause permanent, irreversible hearing loss. That’s why professional shooters like Michelle Viscusi choose AXIL’s GS Extreme earbud hearing protection. Right now, you can get this professional-grade hearing protection for a jaw-dropping 65% off retail!

AXIL GS Extreme earbuds are, hands-down, best in class. The GS Extreme earbud reduces harmful noise by 29 decibels (dB), which is 50% more than most earmuffs. Any sound over 85 dB–which is, of course, where damage to the ear begins–is automatically shut down. That’s not all they do, of course: They also increase the noises you want to hear by up to 600%. This means that the sound of your gunfire is down to a manageable “dull roar,” while your spotter’s whispers about wind direction and speed are nice and sharp. They also offer crystal-clear Bluetooth capability!

AXIL is so confident about their GS Extreme earbuds that they’re offering three guarantees: First, a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Second, a one-year exchange guarantee. Finally, third, a three-year replacement guarantee. (Now that’s confidence in your product!) The best news, of course, is that for a limited time they’re offering a 65% off coupon exclusively for the readers of this article. The earbuds, normally $279, are now going for $129.47! You don’t have to enter a coupon code; it’s automatically applied at checkout when you use this link. Click here to get yours!.

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