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G&GD Review: American Tactical FX45 1911 Handgun



The Philippine-made handgun – the American Tactical FX45 is known to satisfy a passionate fanatic of 1911. It contains all the specifications, accuracy and power that a buyer searches for in a 1911 handgun. However, when it comes to the affordability of the gun, this aspect separates this handgun from its counterparts.

To provide you with more guidance and detailed information of this pistol, here is a quick yet comprehensive American Tactical FX45 1911 Handgun review.

Affordability And Power – American Tactical FX45 1911

If your grandparents have been into World War II service, you must have a special place for a 1911 gun in your heart. No doubt, 1911 is one of the most classic and popular handguns. The increased popularity of this handgun has given rise to a range of models and brands in the market. Nonetheless, one of these 1911 guns is the American Tactical FX45 19911 Handgun. This handgun comes at a price point which will not break your bank. Moreover, its compatibility with a range of 1911 magazine brands sets this pistol apart and provides 1911 enthusiasts hours of exceptional shooting experience.


The handgun comes with a 5-inch barrel in chrome-moly 4140 steel. The American Tactical FX45 1911 constitute 7+1 mag capacity.

The single-action and semi-automatic handgun has a bluish finish with matte black color. The weight of the gun is measured as 37 ounces. It is 8.46 inches in size with a height of 5.28 inches.

In appearance, the pistol resembles a military style gun from both front and rear view. The grip comes with a checkered pattern and made from mahogany.

Some of the other specifications of the American Tactical FX45 1911 Handgun include:


Material – Steel 4140

Length – 5”

Finish – Fine steel

Color – smooth fine steel


Material – Aluminum

Design – Typical Military

Color – Black (matte)

Performance And Usability

This amazing and thrilling pistol designed by John Browning is a powerful handgun. This is something that every 1911 enthusiast knows accurately. The new American Tactical FX45 1911 is no different in accuracy and power. The accuracy of this great handgun comes from its fixed design of barrel. This particular aspect makes this handgun stand apart in the entire market and from other handguns. However, the best of American Tactical FX45 1911 can only be experienced if the shooter holds the right skills of handgun shooting.

What about the power of this handgun?

Well, we can say that this gun is superb both in terms of power and performance. The gun has enough power to give you a thrilling shooting experience, taking down your most-awaited target and putting in it a big hole!

American Tactical FX45 1911 – Pros And Cons

First thing first, the pistol doesn’t cost a fortune. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and is undoubtedly, a perfect catch in comparison to other 1911 handguns. While other 1911 pistols cost around $1000 to $1500 or maybe higher, American Tactical FX45 1911 costs a lot less than that. That too, with all that adored power and exceptional performance.

As you hold this handgun, the first thing you would notice is the 1911 distinguishing power. However, in ATI FX45, you may experience the trigger a bit stiffer but crisp. In terms of some reported reviews, the handgun shoots low and the available sight is not even precise. That makes this handgun a perfect catch for the close range and more defensive use. Indeed, if you look at other 1911 handguns, and if all the things are rather tweaked right, the handgun will definitely give you the accuracy and performance that you have always desired in a pistol.

Overall American Tactical FX45 1911 Handgun Review

In addition to being a highly attractive, this handgun is definitely the most timeless and indeed, the best semi-automatic pistol ever to be introduced. If we talk about the performance, the handgun is nevertheless classic and not at all a deviation from the John Browning’s enduring cam action design.

The American Tactical FX45 1911 is unquestionably an entry-level pistol where shooters may easily upgrade it to meet their specific requirements. Also, shooters who aim at adding better and upgraded safeties, sights and triggers will find this handgun a lot better option to make a perfect starting point.

Similarly, anyone who is in search of a solid 1911 for self-defense or even just for the range, the American Tactical FX45 1911 handgun will definitely fit the bill quite admirably. The reliability of the pistol is indisputable. Nevertheless, with that much power, consistency, and accuracy, the handgun is definitely on shooters’ to-buy list.


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