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America Voted Pro-Gun. Biden’s Puppetmasters Don’t Care.



Last night, America delivered a stinging rebuke to Biden’s gun-grabbing agenda. Now it’s going to get ugly.

Here’s the thing you need to know about gun-grabbers: They think that you’re either evil, stupid, or both. They believe deep in their hearts that they are 100% justified in doing whatever is necessary–whether that’s Constitutional or not–to end gun ownership in America. When they receive an electoral defeat like the one they got last night, it doesn’t cause them to re-evaluate their goals. Instead, it causes them to double down. If they can’t get their anti-gun wishlist passed through the American legislative process, they will simply abuse executive orders and the judicial process. The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has seen it all before, and they’re preparing for the onslaught.

“Because of the election’s outcome,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “the odds are good he will begin attacking gun owners by weaponizing executive orders, bypassing Congress completely. We’ve never seen a president so determined to undermine the Second Amendment and destroy the cornerstone of our Bill of Rights.

“This new SAF TV spot will start to air on 13 national cable networks as well as DishTV and Direct TV 75 times starting Wednesday, right after the elections,” he said.

The new campaign will find SAF’s 60-second message appearing on several cable networks including CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, One America News Network, the History Channel, Bloomberg, BBC America, the American Heroes Channel, DirecTV, The Weather Channel, HLN, Dish TV and CNBC.

“We’re alerting gun owners across the country that with the midterms behind him, Biden has only so much time between now and January, when the new Congress takes over, to launch his attack,” Gottlieb said. “He knows that when the new session begins, his gun ban agenda is dead-on-arrival on Capitol Hill.”

Viewers will be asked to call 800-788-9024 and Press 1 to support the Second Amendment Foundation’s legal challenges to Biden’s unconstitutional executive orders.

“When Joe Biden took office,” Gottlieb recalled, “he pledged to ban certain guns and make it tougher for people to own rifles and handguns. He has never strayed from that goal. Apparently he doesn’t realize Tuesday’s election results came about because of a large gun owner turnout to stop his agenda cold.”


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