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G&GD Review: Alien Gear Cloak Mod



Alien Gear has always been one of the most profound gun parts and mods manufacturers in the market today. They have established themselves in the market by continuously crafting gun parts and mods that are literally perfect from every aspect. This company has a refined approach to constructing gun parts and mods as they never compromise on quality.

Currently Alien Gear has launched their Cloak Mod which has started a frenzy, amongst gun fanatics all around the world. This holster on the face of it is simple, elegant and yet very effective, but we have gotten a hold of this mod to find out if Alien Gear has yet again crafted a holster that has been brilliantly engineered to perfection. Our detailed review of this product is mentioned below,

Aesthetic Facet

Alien Gear has always had a refined taste when designing their products and this is evident from the unique sleek facet of the Alien Gear Cloak Mod. The contour of the holster is quite eye catching and the trade mark Alien Gear logo helps this product stand out from the rest of the pack. It is currently available in black but according to different sources, Alien Gear might include more color variations. Furthermore, the design somehow pays tribute to its predecessor but has surpassed them with its profound features.

Features Of the Cloak Mod

We really wanted to know why every gun fanatic out there couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Alien Gear Cloak Mod and now we know that this frenzy has been induced by the array of features that this mod provides. Most gun holsters are only compatible with certain hand gun types, but the cloak mod has been designed in a manner which allows the user to holster almost any weapon.

This makes the Alien Gear Cloak Mod a universal holster that has been constructed using high end materials. Most of the holsters sold at this price are cheaply made and not to mention dangerous, however, the Alien Gear Cloak Mod has solved this dilemma. This mod has been designed to resist normal wear and tear as it has been constructed using robust material that is supposed to stand the test of time. This is exactly why Alien Gear is offering such an extensive warranty plan with this holster as they have brilliantly engineered this product as it offers years of continuous use.

Additionally this Mod offers optimum grip which is exactly why professional hunters all around the world have immediately included this holster in their arsenal. When your life is on the line, even a split second mistake can cost you heavily. However, this holster will serve its purpose in any given situation. We tested it with different weapons and there is no doubt that it offers the most convenient draw with its full combat grip. Furthermore, this holster also has the capacity of integrating with an extensive list of accessories. This is why most people out there who are building their own mods using this holster as it empowers them with the ability to modify their weapon from many different aspects.

Negative Aspect Of the Cloak Mod

Like everything else in this world, the cloak mod is not perfect as it does have certain draw backs. These drawbacks are considered to be quite trivial for most people, but some consider them to be a deal breaker. How you perceive these draw backs depends heavily on your intended use of your weapon and what you expect from it. The most prominent drawback of the Alien Gear Cloak Mod is the fact that it is extremely bulky which make it very inconvenient for people who want to cover substantial distances.

Since the holster is so bulky it can be very difficult to conceal and carry, which are two of the most prominent qualities that people look for in gun holsters. Although this holster does provide many different benefits, it is not suitable for people who carry large hand guns around town.

However for people who prioritize the quality of their draw, the material used to construct the holster and the aesthetic facet, then the Alien Gear Clock Mod should be your foremost choice. We would recommend taking your personal requirements into perspective if you want to determine if this holster is a viable choice for you or not. Rest assured in terms of durability, reliability and efficiency, the Alien Gear Cloak Mod will deliver nothing but the best.


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