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ALERT: Fake “No Compromise” Pro-2A Groups Scam Donations, Do Nothing!



Please be careful where you send your donation dollars …

Today, we have a particularly disturbing report, courtesy of our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). It seems that a well-organized group of scammers has been siphoning donation dollars away from pro-2A candidates–even attacking strongly conservative pols with proven track records of success. Although the report pertains just to Indiana, the group behind it is actually operating in multiple states using the same dishonest methods. These states include Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, and New York.

Notice anything interesting about that list of states? Say, for example, the fact that most of them are battleground “purple” states in which pro-2A votes will be very important this November? A conspiracy theorist might wonder if the point of all this isn’t just to scam money away from naive pro-gunners. Someone of a suspicious mindset might think that it’s also about reducing the impact that Second Amendment voters will have in those states.

Please be careful when you’re hearing from ostensibly pro-2A groups that you’ve never heard of before. Do your research … and definitely check out this website. For the rest of the details, we’re turning it over to the NSSF–which, for the record, is the firearms industry’s lobby, and was founded nearly 60 years ago, in 1965.



By Chris Lee

The Indiana legislature has made great strides in protecting the Second Amendment Rights of law-abiding Hoosiers in recent years. That’s why it was surprising to learn of a NO COMPROMISE group elbowing their way into Indiana with empty promises to champion firearm industry issues and open pleas for donations.

In 2022, Indiana became the 22nd state to pass constitutional carry legislation into law with HEA 1296. In 2023, the legislature approved HEA 1008, which prevents the state from investing in ways that would prioritize Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG-commitments, including any commitment to divest from companies that “Engages in, facilitates, or supports the manufacture, import, distribution, marketing or advertising, sale, or lawful use of firearms, ammunition, or component parts and accessories of firearms or ammunition.” In 2024, the Indiana legislature approved two significant pro-Second Amendment bills. The first was HEA 1084, also known as the “Indiana Second Amendment Privacy Act,” which will protect the privacy of Hoosiers that shop at firearm retail shops. The second was HEA 1235, which will put an end to the 25-year-old City of Gary lawsuit against the firearm industry.

As a Hoosier myself and as the Midwest Director of Government Relations – State Affairs for NSSF – The Firearm Industry Trade Association, I’ve been at the statehouse supporting good legislation and opposing bad legislation since I left the office of the late Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) back in 2019. She was deeply respected for her rock-solid commitment to Hoosier values, a trait that I’m proud to embrace from her mentorship. Over the last five years, I’ve learned what organizations and legislators do the actual work to support Second Amendment Rights of Hoosiers. Groups like the NSSF, NRA, 2A Project and the Indiana State Rifle and Pistol Association show up on behalf of Hoosier gun owners and in the case of NSSF, the Hoosier firearm industry.

I was surprised to hear earlier this month that a new organization that claims to be the “NO COMPROMISE” 2A group had sent a survey to candidates ahead of the upcoming primary. I was surprised because I’d never heard of this group. They claim to be “Indiana’s biggest and most powerful gun group,” but in all the time I spend at the statehouse, I’ve never seen them there. There’s no evidence to show that the founders of this group reside in Indiana.

If you search the record of those registered to lobby in Indiana (as of April 2023), their organization does not show up. Over a dozen of Indiana’s most pro-2A legislators reached out to me after receiving the survey from this new group to ask “who is this group? I’ve never heard of them.” I was surprised again last week to learn that this “no compromise” 2A group was attacking some of the most conservative, pro-2A legislators of the Indiana House of Representatives, including Rep. Ben Smaltz and Rep. Jim Pressel.

I was surprised about all of this until I looked into this new “no compromise” organization and discovered that the people behind the group are not from Indiana. Instead, they are from out of state and run a network of over 24 organizations across the country. Their scams have been covered heavily. They stoke anger and fear so that they can line their pockets. When you see “no compromise,” you should think “no accomplishments” because they aren’t the ones doing the work to protect your rights. I implore Hoosiers to reject this scam organization.

Do the research before sending a check. Opinions are cheap. There are plenty available for free on any social media feed. Worse yet, don’t give away your voice at the ballot box to out-of-state interests that preach doomsday sermons. They don’t know Hoosiers and they care more about collecting your money than preserving your rights.

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