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Action Target’s PT Scout: “Everyday Carry” Steel Target



Everyday carry (EDC) guns and gear are hot topics among shooters, but chances are you’ve never heard of an everyday carry steel target system…until now. Action Target‘s PT Scout is so compact and lightweight that we’re calling it the world’s first “everyday carry” steel target system. Is that just a touch of hyperbole? Perhaps, but as dedicated shooters know, any steel target system that can be moved without a team of pack mules and a backhoe counts as portable. Action Target goes one better with the PT Scout, which weighs in at a remarkably light 10 pounds.

Don’t be fooled: This is absolutely the same AR500 (or AR550) steel that you expect from the commercial range systems for which Action Target is famous. The fact that Action Target’s PT Scout is an “everyday carry” steel target simply means that they’ve made their quality and safety portable. The PT Scout’s design sheds bullets from impact, down and away from shooters and spectators.

As you watch this video, you’ll note that the assembled target leans forward slightly–and that’s by design. Action Target enhances the 2×4 by leaning it parallel to the target plate, which protects the wood from being damaged by accurate shots. Target plates are available in 10 different designs and in both AR500 (pistol-rated) and AR550 (rifle-rated) through-hardened steel. The advanced target holder can be moved anywhere along the 2×4 to set different target heights on the fly. The advanced spring steel bracket system makes changing target plates fast and ensures that the target rings loud and clear on impact. Finally, the entire system can be assembled or broken down without any tools. For safety, sound, and simplicity, the PT Scout is the first true every day carry steel target. MSRP $299.98;

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