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9mm vs. .45 ACP Debate: Pincus Thoroughly Responds To Leatham on FB



Adding to his extensive rebuttal of Rob Leatham’s momentum arguments, Rob Pincus posted a video on Facebook and provided more fuel for his fire:

Rob Leatham, the greatest handgun competitor in the history of The Earth, my friend and my Worlds Collide Collaborator went out of his way to suggest that people should seriously consider the .45acp for Personal Defense in 2018. Obviously, that’s not true for the overwhelming majority of people, which I easily and clearly explain in this video. Because that was too easy, I decided to address some much more difficult issues as well. Hard taco v soft taco. AR v AK. Steel gun v Polymer gun. Blonde v Brunette. Color Tattoos v Blackwork. And many other important topics are covered Herrin. #worldscollide

What are the important details that you think we should be considering here? Comment below.

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