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4 Meprolight Sights You Need in Your Life (Win One!)



If you’re a regular Guns & Gadgets Daily reader, I can guess two things about you: First, that you have excellent taste in reading material, and second, that you’re aware that we’re giving away four awesome MEPROLIGHT sights this week. But did you know that MEPROLIGHT sights were originally developed for the Israel Defense Forces? That’s why we’re confident that the sights the IDF trusts in “the gravest extreme” will be just as welcome on your shootin’ iron. No doubt you know that, at the end of this week, four winners will each win one hardy, reliable, innovative sighting system…but did you know what, exactly, you might win? Here’s a more thorough breakdown of the four sights that you need in your life–and the one that you might just win free of charge. (By the way…click here to enter!)

MEPRO Foresight

The first of its kind, the augmented MEPRO Foresight,  provides benefits not seen before on an optic: Battery Level, Five Preset Reticles (from the sight memory database),  Digital Zeroing, Built-in Compass, Leveler, and Real-Time Projected Data—all of which provides you with critical ballistic data to make that perfect shot…without having to do a bunch of math in your head in the adrenaline-soaked moment. The Foresight mounts to your Picatinny rail. Here’s the coolest part: Once the individual ballistic data is saved, the sight can be removed and placed back without having to re-zero. The MEPROLIGHT app allows the shooter to store up to 10 zeroing profiles for 10 different guns or loadouts, regardless of the caliber.

The MEPRO Foresight includes:

  • Five preset reticles for different tactical scenarios
  • Digital zeroing mechanism – No more hassle when zeroing your sight
  • A built-in compass and inside leveler to maximize your hitting probability
  • Real-time projected data – battery level, sensor data, Bluetooth connectivity, shot counter
  • A Built-in sensor for automatic brightness adjustment
  • Rechargeable battery using USB – C
  • Bluetooth interface to Meprolight’s mobile app
    • Store up to 10 zeroing weapon profiles or user profiles
    • Upload previously stored profiles from your mobile App to the sight
    • A rich selection of reticles for all tactical scenarios
    • Constant firmware updates and features

MEPRO RDS Pro Electro-Optical Red Dot Sight

The MEPRO RDS Pro Electro-Optical Red Dot Sight is an energy-efficient compact sight, which provides thousands of operating hours on a single “AA” battery. Featuring battle-proven LED technology and rugged MIL-STD design, the sight assures reliability under the harshest environmental conditions. With its large display window and clearly-defined Red-Dot, the MEPRO RDS Pro ensures rapid target acquisition…you can even keep both eyes open, as most instructors will ask you to do. Offering numerous easily switchable reticle brightness intensities, the MEPRO RDS Pro fits every tactical scenario. It’s even compatible with GEN II and GEN III NVGs ,as well as with Magnifying Scopes.

The MEPRO RDS includes:

  • LED Technology for low power consumption
  • Auto shut-off mechanism for additional energy savings
  • Numerous distinct reticle brightness levels for different tactical scenarios
  • Integral Picatinny rail adaptor
  • Low-battery Indicator
  • MIL-STD qualified

MEPRO FT Bullseye

The MEPRO FT Bullseye is an extremely small, low-profile optical pistol sight. Similar to reflex sights, using the MEPRO FT Bullseye provides the shooter with an aim point in the form of an illuminated dot and circle Bullseye. The Fiber-optic Tritium combination enables instant and accurate shooting in all lighting conditions with no batteries needed.

Additional benefits include:

  • Smallest optical sight in the world
  • Superior visibility in all lighting conditions
  • No front sight needed
  • Fast and intuitive target acquisition
  • Fits most existing holsters
  • Simple, easy installation on existing pistol dovetail
  • No Batteries – No Switches – Always On- Always Ready
  • Nighttime Illumination guaranteed for 12 years

MEPRO HPS Night Sights

  • No Batteries – No Switches – Always Ready When You Need Them
  • Daytime Confidence Under Low Light Conditions
  • The Brightest Night Sights Available Today
  • TRU-DOT® for Rapid Instinctive Aiming
  • Totally Integrated Day/Night Sighting
  • Maintenance Free

Want to win one of your own? Click here!



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