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3 Ways Steyr Celebrates September



The legendary Austrian firm speaks American English all month long.

This September, Steyr Arms has some wunderbar news for Americans: They’re offering three ways to help you translate their famous precision engineering into your own outstanding shooting skills. Even better is that despite their European roots, they’re ready to make that translation easier (and better) than anything Google Translate can do. That’s because they get that American English has a bunch of accents. Whether you’re looking for an elite hunting rifle to take you to the rare air of Boone & Crockett bighorns at a steal of a price or taking your precision shooting to the next level, Steyr is speaking your language. This month, they’re celebrating the fact that “September” is the same in English and German. Here’s what we mean:

1. Jagd Jahreszeit=Hunting Season Giveaways

We’d be remiss not to start with this one! “Buck down!” Is there anything more thrilling than those two little syllables? Up until now, the answer has been “no”…but Steyr’s about to change all of that with the Buck Down! giveaway. Well, giveaways, plural—because there are three of them, and you can be eligible to win all three. Celebrate the beginning of hunting season in style with prize packages that include a Steyr rifle, a two-person, two-day guided hunt for quail or ducks, and top-end clothing and gear from Jagdhund and X-Jagd, for a total in about $15,000 worth of the guns and gear of your dreams. If you enter before September 10, you can be eligible to win all three, so don’t let it wait until Monday…Click here for more info and to enter!


Steyr understands that you may not want to wait and see if you’ll win one of the Big Buck Down! Giveaway. So, if you have or plan to buy any Steyr Scout or any Steyr Pro THB rifle—including the brand-new Pro THB in its red-hot 6.5 Creedmoor chambering—between July 9 and September 30 of this year, you’re eligible for a $125 rebate. Click here for more details and to download the rebate form!


Are you interested in some other offering from Steyr? Of course you are—and Steyr is more than happy to accommodate you with a 15% off code for Web orders…and it’s good for anything “storewide” in Steyr’s online space. Just use code STEYR015 at checkout.

Whether you love the month of September in English or Deutsch, Steyr’s September savings are a universal language.


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